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How to De-title a Manufactured Home in South Carolina

Simply put, de-titling is the process by which the tax status of a manufactured home is changed from being a vehicle to a piece of real estate. The need for de-titling and the steps to accomplish it raise questions, especially for people considering the purchase of a manufactured home. In this post we answer some common questions about how to de-title a manufactured home in South Carolina.

Why is my manufactured home not classed as real estate if I live in it, and I don’t intend to move it?

Real estate, by definition, includes land and permanent improvements attached to the land. Because any type of mobile home is manufactured in a factory and then moved to a location, it doesn’t fit the real estate requirement of being a permanent improvement until it is attached to the land. Until you remove the wheels from the home, you could theoretically move it. That’s the crux of the matter.

Can any home on wheels be de-titled?

No. To qualify for de-titling in South Carolina, a mobile home must meet the following requirements

  • The wheels, axles, and towing hitch must be removed.

  • The home must be at least 8 feet wide, 40 feet long, and have 320 square feet of living space.

  • The home can be de-titled only by the owner of the home

  • The home must have plumbing, heating, AC and electrical systems contained in it.

This means that you can’t de-title your 25-foot-long camper or the 250-square-foot tiny-home you built on a truck chassis. You can certainly live in them if you want to, but you can’t de-title them in South Carolina.

What is the process for de-titling a manufactured home in South Carolina?

Basically, the process requires completing official de-titling paperwork, getting the paperwork to the correct county official, and paying a fee. Each county in South Carolina follows state guidelines regarding the required paperwork and the fee. However, the office that receives the documentation and the time required to complete the process can differ among the counties. The details for de-titling a home in Greenville County can be found here. You can click here to find out the de-titling procedure in Spartanburg County. Searching online for your county’s de-titling procedures will provide the details you need.

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